Sandy beds off of Breezy Point

Breezy Point, Rockaways

"Jamaica Bay Environmental Restoration and Protection Projects"

Project is a collaboration between DEP, Cornell Cooperative Extension, and National Parks Service.
From DEP Press Release Oct 31st:  DEP Builds on Expanded Eelgrass Pilot Project

Environmental Protection Commissioner Carter Strickland today announced the fourth phase of the Eelgrass Pilot Project to help improve Jamaica Bay's local ecosystem. The project includes an additional 8,000 eelgrass plants in Jamaica Bay near Breezy Point. This larger-scale planting is possible because of lessons learned from previous phases of the eelgrass project. Eelgrass is a type of submerged aquatic vegetation that grows in estuaries and shallow bays. It is important for fish and shellfish as shelter and habitat. Eelgrass plants form meadows on the bay bottom, where aquatic creatures such as shellfish take shelter among the grass-like leaves. They also stabilize sediments, reduce erosion and naturally remove nitrogen from the water. It is part of the city's efforts to improve the overall water quality and ecology of Jamaica Bay and is being done in collaboration with Cornell Cooperative Extension.

Read more here.

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