Junction Newmarket Road & Harvest Way, Cambridge

Newmarket Road

traffic, planning, congestion, housing

Disused works
The area is currently horrendously congested, with some of the worst traffic congestion and pollution in the Cambridge area. That said, there is also a need for housing in Cambridge, and the site is an eyesore (although there was some imaginitive work recently encouraging local graffiti artists to legally decorate the walls). Earlier plans for the site included a 7 storey development of flats and a hotel - this was rejected. Now plans for a 5 storey development have gone through.[1] 
  1.  "Controversial flats plan goes through on casting vote".  17/11/2011.  Cambridge - News.  <http://www.cambridge-news.co.uk/Home/Controversial-flats-plan-goes-through-on-casting-vote-16112011.htm>.  Acessed on 20/11/2011.

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