Catskill Mountains

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From the Catskill Mts to NYC faucets
The Catskill-Delware  watershed must be clean in order to deliver clean water to New York City. Most of NYC's water comes from the Catskill Mountains upstate. Proposed natural gas drilling that would use hydraulic fracturing  gravely threatens the quality of water coming from the Catskill-Delware watershed, which provides drinking water to millions of people.

What exactly is Fresh & Surface Water?
Fresh Water is naturally occurring water on the Earths surface that is usually found in ponds, rivers, ice caps & streams. It is generally characterized by having low concentrations of dissolved salts & solids. Surface Water is water collecting on the ground in a certain wetland. It is naturally replenished by precipitation & lost through evaporation.

So What?
The role these two play is that when it rains or when snow melts rather than being absorbed into the ground, surface water goes into our NYC sewers. It generates a significant amount & causes the sewers to overflow after a while. Each day more than 1 billion gallons of fresh water is delivered from upstate reservoirs to the sinks of over 9 million people throughout NY.

Where does this take place?
The place that best represents fresh & surface water would be the Catskill Mountain Reservoirs. The rain runs down the mountains & goes into pipes that give us our water

How can we help?
These two types of water affect us all because without it, we wouldn't have clean drinking water. In order to maintain this clean water we must protect it by disposing of trash properly so that no litter gets into our lakes & rivers.

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