Paerdegat Basin


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New York City DEP
New York has come a long way from its roots being infamous for its unsanitary water system. While we aren’t crying “GIVE US COLD WATER” and we don’t have to worry about cholera outbreaks like in the 19th century, NYC’s water system has room for improvement-- just ask the public. Public health concerns play a large role in the production of the NYC water system. The key problems with the water system are fear of over-development, stench, and social changes (e.g. population growth).

One key location that is part of the NYC Water system is the Paerdegat Basin CSO Facility in Brooklyn, NY. As the largest of four CSO facilities in NYC, the Paerdegat Basin Facility can hold up to 50 million gallons of CSO in order to prevent debris and sewage from entering Paerdegat Basin and Jamaica Bay.

The Paerdegat Basin Facility (PBF) uses advanced technology to control CSO odor with carbon filters and speed fans. With the PBF, CSO debris in the Basin is reduced by 70%.

DEP, NYC. NYC Environmental Protection, "DEP Completes Paerdegat Basin CSO Facility." Last modified May 12th, 2011. Accessed April 4, 2012).

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