Croton Aqueduct, New York


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NYC Dept of Environmnetal Protection
Basic Information
An aqueduct is a supply or navigable channel constructed to convey water. The NYC water system consists of reservoirs, aqueducts, tunnels, and pipes that channel drinking water to residents. It’s the most extensive community system of water in the world.

New Croton Aqueduct
The New Croton aqueduct, built roughly parallel to the Old Croton aqueduct was constructed to provide a large steady water supply for New York City. The aqueduct opened on July 15, 1890. It runs from the New Croton reservoir in Westchester County to the Jerome Park Reservoir in The Bronx, from which it distributes water to certain areas of the Bronx and Manhattan before emptying into Tunnel 1 of the Catskill/Delaware System. Due to numerous water quality issues, a filtration plant, the Croton filter plant, is being constructed within Van Cortlandt Park to improve water quality. Because of these quality problems, the Croton system is often bypassed or mixed with water from the Catskill Aqueduct and/or Delaware Aqueduct.[1] 

Aqueduct Rehabilitation
HAKS is providing construction management of the "New Croton Aqueduct Rehabilitation and Site Restoration Project" in upstate New York as managing partner of the joint venture awarded contract for services by the New York City Department of Environmental Protection.

Major aspects of the work include opening of the aqueduct for access and ventilation; buried shaft work, including removal of buried shaft covers, remove of ladders, shaft wall repairs and grouting of leaks and voids; rehabilitation of the surface structure, blow off chamber, stream raceway and related surface improvements; and rehabilitation of the 7-mile long pressure tunnel lining, including crack repairs, brick replacement, contact grouting, consolidation grouting and leak repairs. At the peak of construction the work will be spread out along the 31 miles of aqueduct, making coordination and communication essential for effective construction management.

Old Croton Aqueduct

The Old Croton Aqueduct ran from the Croton Reservoir to a reservoir that is now the New York Public Library and Bryant Park, between Fifth and Sixth Avenues. The Old Croton Acqueduct, or OCA, is now a state park that runs from the border of the Bronx and Yonkers to the Croton Reservoir, with some breaks and diversions from the true path of the reservoir. While generally along the ground, it occasionally bridges valleys, as it does in Irvington.[2] 


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