Kent Ave between 9th St and Quay St.

north Williamsburg

parks, williamsburg, waterfront, bushwick

Community Board: 1
Council District: 33
Council Member: Stephen Levin 
Park ID: B529
NYC Parks, Community Board: 1, Council District: 33, Park ID: B529
NYC Parks own 3 of the 6 parcels that are supposed to make up the 28-acre park. 
A 28-acre park along the Bushwick Inlet was proprosed/promised in 2005 by Mayor Bloomberg. As of 2012, the park has yet to fully develop. NYC Parks website says it's currently a 9-acre park on Kent Ave between 9th and 12th streets. There is a soccer field and no facilities. 
The City recently told community leaders that it had “no funding for” and “no schedule for” finishing the park.
six separate entities owned the 28 acres that would make up the park.
Since then, the City has only acquired three of the six parcels and has begun development of only one of them.




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