At the corner of Vandervoort Ave and Cherry St, Brooklyn, NY


"Sgt. William Dougherty Playground," parks, greenpoint, GWAPP, BQE

NYC Parks
CB1, Council District: 34, Council Member: Diana Reyna
Includes basketball and handball courts, water fountains and playgrounds. 

As part of the reconstruction of the Kosciuszko Bridge, which carries the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway over Newtown Creek, it was determined that all potential options for the bridge improvement project would impact Sgt. William Dougherty Playground, which is by the bridge’s on ramp. As such, those impacts had to be mitigated. The New York State Department of Transportation presented possible mitigations to improve and expand Sgt. Dougherty Playground, which the Kosciuszko Bridge Stakeholders Advisory Committee Parks & Open Space Sub-Committee and the community had the opportunity to help shape.




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