2 Ingraham St, Brooklyn, NY 11206

E. Williamsburg

brownfield, CVOCs, VOCs, "Vapor Intrusion"

Bogart Holdings LLC
Site Description[1] 
Location: The 2 ingraham Street site is located at 2 Ingraham Street in the East Williamsburg Area of Brooklyn, New York. Site Features: The site is a 0.5 acre warehouse and is bordered on the south by Harrison Place, on the north by Ingraham Street, on the west by Bogart Street, and on the east by Morgan Avenue. The site is potentially affected by easements for the New York City Water Tunnel No. 3 and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) subway. Current Zoning/Uses: The current zoning of the property is M1-2 (light manufacturing), and currentlty use as a warehouse and a picture frame assembler workshop. The surrounding land use is mainly manufacturing (M-1 and M-2) with residential (R-6) farther east and west of the site. The businesses in the immediate area include warehouses, auto scrap yards, masonry materials sales, waste management and trucking. The neighborhood surrounding the site includes some residential units inter-dispersed with commercial properties. A New York City Transit Authority subway line is located underneath of Harrison Place and there are rail yards nearby which are connected to the Long Island Railroad Bushwick Branch. Historical Uses: Prior 1946 the Site was used as an orphanage. In 1948, the site was occupied by an umbrella manufacturing plant and a metal plating company between 1946 and early 1990's. After the 1990's the site has been used as a warehouse without major changes. Site Geology and Hydrogeology: Based on soil collected by prior sampling activities, soil boring logs showed silt, silty sand and clay to a maximum depth of 17 feet below the concrete slab with fill reported down to 8 feet. The fill is described in the boring logs as containing “coal cinders” which ussually connected with historic fill, as coal is not commonly used as on-site heating fuel today. The depth to groundwater is approximately 15 feet below grade based on prior investigation. The regional groundwater flow direction is roughly south to north, towards the English Kills.

Site Environmental Assessment
Nature and Extent of Contamination: The primary contaminants of concern at the site include heavy metals (specifically nickel, chromium and mercury) were detected in groundwater and soil at levels above the standards, criteria and guidance values in the soil and groundwater at the northwestern portion of the property. Nickel was detected in soil (non-detect up to 5,770 parts per million (ppm) at SB-6) and groundwater (non-detect up to 449,000 parts per billion (ppb) at MW.I), above the respective soil cleanup objective of 30 ppm and groundwater standard of 100 ppb. Chromium was detected in soil (up to 12,000 ppm at SB-0l) and groundwater (up to 395 ppb at MW4), above the respective soil cleanup objective of 30 ppm and groundwater standard of 50 ppb. Mercury was detected in soil (up to 6.23 ppm at SB-6), above the respective soil cleanup objective of 0.18 ppm.

Site Health Assessment
This human exposure assessment identifies ways in which people may be expose to site-related contaminants. Chemicals can enter the body in three major ways (breathing, touching, or swallowing). This is referred to as exposure. People are not drinking the contaminated groundwater because the area is served by a public water supply that obtains its water from a different source. Also, they are not coming into contact with the groundwater unless the dig below the ground surface. The site is covered with asphalt and a building with a cement floor and people on the site are not expected to come into contact with the contamination in the soil unless they are conducting below ground excavation or disturbing the soil in some other way.
  1. DEC Environmental Site Remediation Database.  Site Name: "2 Ingraham Street".




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