Fort Hamilton, Brooklyn, NY 10028

Bay Ridge

superfund VOCs "vapor intrusion"

US Army
Site Description[1] 
Location: Fort Hamilton is a 144-acre facility located along the Shore Parkway in Brooklyn at the southernmost end of the Bay Ridge section and situated at the far western end of Long Island. Site Features: Originally, together with Fort Wadsworth on Staten Island, Fort Hamilton constituted the historic defenses of New York Harbor. Dating back prior to the War of 1812, this location was essential to the defense of New York City. When reviewed in 2007, Fort Hamilton was part of the Military District of Washington, a U.S. Army Major Command (MACOM). The Fort provides administrative, operational, financial, managerial, legal, security and logistical support for all assigned and attached units. Current Zoning: TBD Operable Units: N/A Site Geology and Hydrogeology: Groundwater has been observed between 22 and 35 feet below the ground surface. Groundwater flow is predominantly to the south-southwest toward the Lower Bay. The proximity to the Lower Bay suggests that local groundwater movement is influenced by tidal fluctuations.

Summary of Project Completion Dates
Projects associated with this site are listed in the Project Completion Dates table and are grouped by Operable Unit (OU). A site can be divided into a number of operable units depending on the complexity of the site and the number of issues associated with a site. Sites are often divided into operable units based on the media to be addressed (such as groundwater or contaminated soil), geographic area, or other factors.

Site Environmental Assessment
The facility has been the subject of a Military Munitions Response Program evaluation. Five military response sites (areas of potential munitions issues) were identified: Hamilton Closed Complex, Hamilton Parade Ground #1, Hamilton Training Field, Hamilton Transferred Complex, Hamilton Transferred Complex - OW. No potential munitions problems were identified at any of the five sites. No further action is planned. Various petroleum issues have been addressed at Fort Hamilton. Information on those activities may be found in the DEC spills database. The currently ongoing remediation is a multi-phase (groundwater and soil vapor) extraction system to clean up contamination associated with an underground storage tank which leaked at Building 200.
  1. DEC Environmental Site Remediation Database.  Site Name: "Fort Hamilton".




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