5100 Kings Plaza, Brooklyn, NY 11223

Marine Park

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Vornado Realty Trust
Site Description[1] 
Location: The Site is located at 5100 Kings Plaza, Brooklyn, NY 11223, and consists of the eastern portion of Block 8471, Lot 55 and Lot 114. The site is bordered by Avenue U to the north, by Mill Basin to the south, by the Kings Plaza Shopping Center main building to the west, and by a Lowes' store to the east. Site Features: The site consists of the mall's access road (the extension of East 55th Street toward Mill Basin); and a 300 ft by 300 ft parcel on the northern part of the mall's access road. Current Zoning/Uses: The area is zoned for commercial uses. Residential areas are 200 feet north of the site. Historical Uses: The site had multiple uses before being developed as a mall, including garages, storage yards and the former Presto Plastic facility. In 2001, Alexander Kings Plaza Owners, represented by Vornado Realty, entered in a Voluntary Cleanup Agreement with the Department to remediate the multiple oil spills associated with on-site underground storage tanks. Operable Units: For remedial and development purposes, the site was divided into three Operable Units. OU-1 is the southern portion of the mall's access road (continuation of the 55th St.). OU-2 is the northern part of the same access road. A third operable unit (OU-3) is being addressed under a Stipulation Agreement (see spill number 9815289 for information about OU-3) and it represents the Lowe's store with its western part of the parking lot. Site Geology and Hydrogeology: the site is covered with 7-12 feet of fill material containing wood, bricks, glass, cobbles ash and cinder. Beneath the fill material are layers of coarse to fine-grained sand and silt, which is then underlain by an organic clay stratum/native estuarine sediment. The clay layer increases from north to south towards Mill Basin. Mill Basin borders the site to the south. Shallow groundwater occurs under unconfined conditions and the flow direction is toward south/Mill Basin.

Summary of Project Completion Dates
Projects associated with this site are listed in the Project Completion Dates table and are grouped by Operable Unit (OU). A site can be divided into a number of operable units depending on the complexity of the site and the number of issues associated with a site. Sites are often divided into operable units based on the media to be addressed (such as groundwater or contaminated soil), geographic area, or other factors.

Site Environmental Assessment
Nature and Extent of the Contamination: a) contaminants: the soil and groundwater are contaminated with petroleum associated with four 15,000 gallon underground storage tanks (USTs) and piping which are located under the sidewalk east of the mall. These USTs stored and conveyed no. 2 and no. 6 heating oil. In addition, a hot spot of chlorinated solvents was found in soil and groundwater on OU-1; and metals and SVOCs in the historic fill material extended 10-12 feet below grade. b) concentrations: Separate-phase petroleum (light non-aqueous phase liquid, or LNAPL) has been found in several of the groundwater monitoring wells. Remedial action consisting of a groundwater pump and treatment system operated on OU-1 from 2001 to 2005. In July 2006, a new spill occurred under the Mall's driveway on OU-1. In February 2008, an interim remedial measure (IRM) consisting of removal of the 4 USTs, the piping system, and the pump room was implemented. The excavations were backfilled with clean material. Subsequently, residual LNAPL accumulation was noted in several monitoring wells. A pilot test for vacuum-enhanced fluid recovery (VEFR) of the LNAPL was performed, and weekly VEFR events have been performed since mid-2011. A supplemental remedial action work plan (RAWP), including treatment of the chlorinated solvents in groundwater and soil vapor sampling has been submitted and is being reviewed. On OU-2, the contaminants of concern consisted of a hot spot of ethylphthalate from the former Presto Plastics facility, and metals and SVOCs from the historic fill material. The impacted media are soil, groundwater, and soil vapor. As a result of the active groundwater remedial treatment at OU-1, the groundwater at OU-2 has also been remediated. For the remaining contaminants in soil and groundwater a Deed Restriction will be recorded. A Site Management Plan for continued implementation of the institutional and engineering controls on OU-2 was approved in March 2008.

Site Health Assessment
On-site subsurface soils and groundwater at this site are contaminated with petroleum related constituents. The site is covered by buildings, a shopping plaza, and a paved access road with sidewalks, therefore, contact with contaminated soils is unlikely. The area is served by public water and there are no private wells in use, therefore, exposure to contaminated groundwater is unlikely. A vapor barrier and sub-slab depressurization system will be installed as a preventative measure to minimize the potential for soil vapor intrusion into the on-site building.

Contaminants of Concern
Type of Waste Quantity of Waste
  1. DEC Environmental Site Remediation Database.  Site Name: "Kings Plaza Shopping Center/Marina".




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