Arch St & Jackson Ave, Queens, NY

Long Island City

brownfield, CVOCs, VOCs, "Vapor Intrusion" VCP

Site Description[1] 
Location: The Arch Street Yard Site is located in an urban area of Long Island City, Queens County, NY. The site is part of an approximately eight acres in size property. This property is owned by the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR). Site Features: The Site currently houses a train repair facility that is not operational. In addition, several sets of train tracks traverse the site. Current Zoning/Use(s): The site is zoned for industrial use. The surrounding parcels are currently used for a combination of residential, commercial, light industrial, and utility right-of-ways. Historical Use(s): The site has historically been used as a rail road yard. In December 2003, an LIRR contractor discovered contaminated soil while excavating a utility trench under the 21st Street Bridge at the site. New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) was notified and Spill No. 0310802 was opened. In April 2004, the LIRRÂ’s East Side Access Department (ESA) performed an environmental investigation of the impacted area in an attempt to delineate the extent of the contamination. Based on the results of this investigation, it was determined that the majority of the impacted surface/shallow subsurface soil had been excavated and removed during the utility trenching. However, several contaminants were detected in the groundwater. In 2009, ESA advanced seven groundwater monitoring wells at the site. In 2009, ESA advanced seven groundwater probes throughout the area of concern, in order to further define the extent of the contamination. Further horizontal and vertical delineation of groundwater contamination is required. In September 2011, LIRR requested to add this site to an existing Voluntary Cleanup Agreement (index no. W2-0994-04-04). Site Geology and Hydrogeology: Soil boring logs from the 2005 investigation identified urban fill consisting of fine sand and silt with some gravel, wood and railroad ties in the upper 5 to 8 feet below grade (bg). Beneath that, to a depth of approximately 12 feet bg, the borings identified wet organic silt with plant fibers. Borings were terminated at 12 feet bg. Groundwater occurs at approximately 8 feet bg.

Site Environmental Assessment
Nature and Extent of Contamination: a) Contaminants of concern at the site include tetrachloroethene (PCE), various semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOCs) and metals in soil, and benzene, PCE and trichloroethene (TCE) in groundwater. b) Areal/depth extent: Part of the soil contamination was excavated to a depth of 8 feet along the utility line. The groundwater accurs at 8 feet below grade. c) Concentrations: The maximum soil concentration of TCE was 6 ppm, and PCE was 89 ppm. The maximum groundwater concentration of TCE is 1,600 ppb, and PCE is 14,000 ppb. The horizontal and vertical extent of the contamination has not been delineated.

Contaminants of Concern
Type of Waste Quantity of Waste
  1. DEC Environmental Site Remediation Database.  Site Name: "Arch Street Yards (LIRR)".




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