50-45 Barnett Ave, Queens, NY 11104


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Cleaners Products, Inc.
Site Description[1] 
LOCATION: The Former Cleaners Products Supply site is a 0.23 acre parcel located in an urban area. The site address is 50-45 Barnett Avenue, Sunnyside, New York and is located approximately 0.2 miles west of the intersection of Woodside Avenue and Barnett Avenue. SITE FEATURES: The site is occupied by a one story commercial building. CURRRENT ZONING/USE(S): The site property (50-45 Barnett Avenue) is currently an active glass company and is zoned for commercial use. The surrounding parcels are currently used for a combination of commercial and light industrial. A parking area exists to the west of the property and an active railroad to the north of the property. Immediately south of the property is an apartment complex and approximately 0.3 miles to the east of the property is a residential area along Woodside Avenue. HISTORIC USE(S): Until 2007, the site was used by a dry cleaning supply business (Cleaners Products Supply) which utilized above ground storage tanks for storage of PCE. This business has operated at this location since 1952. The presence of dry cleaning solvents in the environment (primarily tetrachloroethene (PCE)) is believed to be a result of materials handling during this use. SITE GEOLOGY AND HYDROGEOLOGY: The direction of groundwater flow appears to be to the northerly direction, but may vary seasonally. According to regional groundwater flow maps, this location appears to be at a groundwater divide suggesting that groundwater may flow radial away from the site. Groundwater was observed approximately 24-26 feet below ground surface.

Summary of Project Completion Dates
Projects associated with this site are listed in the Project Completion Dates table and are grouped by Operable Unit (OU). A site can be divided into a number of operable units depending on the complexity of the site and the number of issues associated with a site. Sites are often divided into operable units based on the media to be addressed (such as groundwater or contaminated soil), geographic area, or other factors.

Site Environmental Assessment
NATURE AND EXTENT OF CONTAMINATION: Based upon investigations conducted to date, the primary contaminants of concern include tetrachloroethene (PCE). PCE is found in soils at 50-45 Barnett Avenue from ranging from 32 to 71 ppm. The unrestricted use soil cleanup objective level for PCE is 1.3 ppm. These levels were found inside the building at a depth ranging from 10 to 14 feet below ground surface. None of the soil samples taken at other locations from previous investigations exceeded the unrestricted use soil cleanup objective level for PCE. PCE is found in groundwater at the site at four locations at concentrations ranging from 530 ppb to 3,800 ppb. The groundwater standard for PCE is 5.0 ppb. Off site concentrations of PCE have been found at different locations ranging from non detectable to as high as 9,000 ppb. Sub-slab soil vapor data was collected from 1 location near the former chemical storage area at 52-25 Barnett Avenue. PCE was detected at 13,000 ug/m3.

Site Health Assessment
Contaminated groundwater at the site is not used for drinking or other purposes and the site is served by a public water supply that obtains water from a different source not affected by this contamination. Direct contact with contaminants in soil is unlikely because they are located beneath at depth and beneath a building. Volatile organic compounds in the groundwater may move into the soil vapor (air spaces within the soil), which in turn may move into overlying buildings and affect the indoor air quality. This process, which is similar to the movement of radon gas from the subsurface into the indoor air of buildings, is referred to as soil vapor intrusion. There is a potential for soil vapor intrusion to occur in on-site and off-site buildings. Additional investigation in to this potential exposure pathway is warranted.

Contaminants of Concern
Type of Waste Quantity of Waste
  1. DEC Environmental Site Remediation Database.  Site Name: "Former Drape Master".




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