1676 Third Ave, NY, NY 10011

Upper East Side

brownfield, VOCs, "Vapor Intrusion"

Bevin Associates LLC
Site Description[1] 
Site Location: The proposed BCP site is located at 1676 Third Avenue in the City of New York, New York County and is approximately 930 square feet or 0.02 acres. It is located on the city block bordered by 94th Street to the north, Third Avenue to the East, 93rd Street to the south, and Lexington Avenue to the west. Site Features: The superstructure for a new four-story townhouse building is complete, but the basement has not yet been poured. The rest of the site consists of a paved lot. Current Zoning/Use(s): The Site is currently vacant and is located in a C2-8 commercial zoning district. Historical Use(s): The Site was historically used as a gasoline station with underground storage tanks (USTs)between the 1930s and early 1990s. Seven USTs were administratively removed in 1996. Geology: . Gray silt and clay with brick fragments in the upper ten feet of soil; . Fine sand, trace fine gravel, from depths of 10 feet to 20 feet below ground surface (bgs); . Weathered schistose bedrock from a depth of 20 feet-bgs. Hydrogeology: Groundwater was encountered on-site at 18 ft-bgs.

Site Environmental Assessment
A total of four borings have been advanced on Site, one of which was converted into a groundwater monitoring well, and a total of five soil samples and one groundwater sample have been collected for laboratory analysis from the Site. Soil: Soil samples were collected from shallow fill material or from the groundwater interface. Site soil and groundwater have been impacted by a petroleum (gasoline) release related to former use as a gasoline filling station as evidenced by analytical data exceedances and observation of petroleum staining and odor. UUSCO exceedances of VOCs, up to two orders of magnitude, typically associated with gasoline, including benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylenes (BTEX), were detected in three boring locations. One SVOC, naphthalene (generally associated with fuel oil), exceeded the UUSCO in the westernmost boring. Groundwater: Elevated concentrations of VOCs associated with gasoline, including 1,2,4-trimethylbenzene, 1,3,5- trimethylbenzene, ethylbenzene, isopropylbenzene, naphthalene, n-butylbenzene, n-propylbenzene, toluene, and total xylenes were detected at concentrations above groundwater standards by one order of magnitude. Soil Vapor: No data for soil vapor was submitted with the BCP application.

Site Health Assessment
Information submitted with the BCP application regarding the conditions at the site are currently under review and will be revised as additional information becomes available.

Contaminants of Concern

Type of Waste Quantity of Waste
1,3,5-Trimethylbenzene UNKNOWN
  1. DEC Environmental Site Remediation Database.  Site Name: "1676 Third Avenue".




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