72 East 1st Street, NY, NY 10003

Lower East Side, Manhattan

Hive NYC, Art/Art Education, Literacy

As cultural activists we are committed to the principles of cultural equity and democracy. We believe that cultural diversity is a positive social value to be protected and encouraged; that authentic democracy requires active participation in cultural life, not just passive consumption of cultural products; and that our cultural heritage is a resource for improving our quality of life.

City Lore's education programs engage youth, families, and educators in exploring the role of arts and culture in their own lives and int he lives of others. 

Hive Project

City Lore collaborates with Reel Works on the KickFlip Program, a summer project that teaches NYC skateboarders ages 14-19 to make professional skate films. 


Founding member of Hive NYC.
Serves children & youth grades 1-12.




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