1085 Washington Ave, Ground Fl, Bronx, NY 10456

Morrisania, Bronx

Hive NYC, art/art education

DreamYard Project uses project-based arts learning to ignite the transformative spirit in youth, public schools and communities. As the largest arts education provider in the Bronx and one of the largest providers in New York City, DreamYard impacts the social and intellectual growth of thousands of K-12th grade students each year.   

DreamYard’s professional artists partner with classroom teachers and community educators to help students learn in new ways and to develop literacy and communication skills that can be used throughout their lives as they pursue higher education and a career. Through yearlong programs offered during the school day, after-school, on weekends and during the summer, DreamYard supports youth development, enhances life-long learning skills and promotes creative thinking and expression.

Founding member of Hive NYC.

Serves youth grades 6-12.





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