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NYC SALT is a photography program in NYC for inner-city teenagers. NYC SALT’s mission and responsibility has been to help mold well‐intentioned, creative, and expressive young adults through our photography and mentoring instruction.  NYC SALT's instruction helps our students build not only their own portfolios, but their confidence and aspirations as well, empowering them with opportunities to achieve higher education and stable careers.

At the heart of NYC SALT is a four-year photography and college‐mentoring program that meets twice a week throughout the school year. Taught by trained professional photographers, our students are provided digital cameras and computers and spend the year learning the technical and creative aspects of the craft, as well as how to apply their skills in the job market. Through the instructors' connections, our students are exposed to various and dynamic professions in media and the arts. NYC SALT is structured so that the students work incrementally towards achieving the necessary skills to develop 10-15 picture portfolios for college and to attain freelance jobs.

All of the youth that NYC SALT serves are from low‐income families of Latino or African‐American descent living in Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan. All receive free school lunch. The negative pressures of urban living are prevalent in the lives of our students. At many of the schools and communities where these teenagers spend leisure time, gang activity, experimentation with drugs, teen pregnancy, truancy, and criminal activity are omnipresent. These social pressures and health risks often lead to low self‐esteem, depression, a sense of alienation, and emotional and behavioral disorders that threaten healthy development and academic performance.

However, our volunteer staff’s demonstrated presence in our students’ lives outside of their normal academic environments provides incentive to come back week after week, and year after year, even after graduation from our program. NYC SALT is special because we build relationships over time, and model for our students a space for them to help each other grow.

NYC SALT’s success is not only reflected in the awesome effect professional photography instruction has on our students. Our classroom continually demonstrates that harnessing the young talent and energy of our students can have an equally powerful impact on the world of photography, and academia. Many of our students go on to attend top colleges and receive recognition for their artistic prowess.

In the five years since becoming a nonprofit we have had 100% of our students graduate from high school and go to college. We have had 58 Scholastic Art Awards in the past three years, and have had one student rank in the top 30 senior portfolios in the nation. 86% of NYC SALT students go to four-year colleges and 14% to community colleges in NYC. Our graduates have received over $900K in grant and scholarship money. We have students with full scholarships to Syracuse University (2), University of Vermont (1), and Fordham University (1). We have two students at the Savannah College of Art and Design who have collectively received $40,000 over two years for their photography and art portfolios.

Hive NYC member since 2013.

Serves youth grades 9-12.


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