666 Broadway, Suite 500, NY, NY 10012

Soho, Manhattan

Hive NYC, art/art education

REV is a media arts and  journalism training and production institute that teaches low-wage workers, immigrants, and youth to produce nuanced stories currently missing from the media landscape. Recognized for the unique perspectives they provide, the work of our trainees has received many journalism awards and their reportage has been regularly broadcast through media outlets such as the BBC, PBS Newshour, the Australian Broadcast Corporation, The Nation, Mother Jones, The Huffington Post, ProPublica, NPR, Democracy Now!, GRIT TV, the Pacifica Network, The New York Times, and more.
REV's programs focus on youth media, media policy, and amplifying the media strategies of community-based organizations.

Hive NYC member since 2012.

Serves youth grades 9-12.






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