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Founded in 1999, Scenarios USA is a national non-profit organization that uses writing and film to foster youth leadership, advocacy and self-expression in students across the country, with a focus on marginalized populations and underserved communities. We believe that by valuing youth and their stories, we strengthen academic achievement, promote healthy relationships and empower a new generation of engaged citizens.


Each year, 7,000 students in Grades 6-12 participate in our REAL DEAL educational programs. The REAL DEAL curricula encourage students to think critically and write creatively about the social justice and sexual health. Many of the activities in the curricula use scenes from our growing library of REAL DEAL films, written by teens, for teens, and directed by some of Hollywood’s finest filmmakers. By providing students with complex stories and characters with whom they can identify, we empower them to share their own stories. Each cycle, winning student writers are partnered with directors to produce new films, which go on to shape our next curriculum.


REAL DEAL films are viewed by an estimated 20 million people a year and have aired on multiple media outlets including Showtime, BET, mun2, MTV, and Oxygen. Our films have won numerous awards including The Paul Robeson Award for Excellence in Independent Filmmaking and two Emmys.


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