1021 Jennings Street, Bronx, NY 10460

Fairmont-Claremont Village

project-based learning, Habits of Mind, portfolios

The fundamental aim of Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom High School is to teach students to use their minds well and prepare them to live productive, socially useful, and personally satisfying lives.

Their Approach
Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom High School emphasizes students learning to use their minds well in pursuit of college and career readiness. Students and teachers work together to create a community of caring and concerned citizens committed to meaningful work. Students develop critical thinking, research and analytical skills in preparation for college and careers and technology is used to maximize individualization, independence, and depth of learning. College classes, internships and digital courses give our students a broad range of learning opportunities.  At the Children’s Aid Society Student Success Center (SSC), students work with a team of full-time college and career counselors to explore paths towards post-secondary goals. Their graduates have gone on to succeed in city, state and private colleges and are following careers in business, media, social work, education and technical fields.
Located in the Bronx near the 2, 5, 6 trains
Digital Ready School




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