351 W 18th St, New York, NY 10011


MOUSE, young school

Hudson High School of Learning Technologies is a place where students are known as individuals and as learners by teams of educators who serve as learning facilitators, inquiry guides, and mentors.  Hudson incorporates, supports and challenges the changing ways in which today’s learners share knowledge, develop skills and create solutions, while affording students the opportunities to learn beyond the school day. Hudson High School of Learning Technologies prepares students for the future with programs that support college readiness, promote global citizenship and develop post-secondary opportunities.


The mission of Hudson High School of Learning Technologies is to promote and develop the art of inquiry so that students are confident self-directed learners who are able to understand the world, appreciate multiple perspectives, take action as community activists and become empowered personal advocates. 

Hudson HS is dedicated to cultivating strong individuals and future leaders, who will be able to 

  • Use inquiry as a means to clarify information, expand knowledge and connect concepts.
  • Access and assess informational sources, process data, facts and opinions, and communicate new ideas through the development of transliteracy[1]  skills.
  • Deconstruct complex problems and develop collaborative multi-faceted solutions.
  • Act with integrity, increase their resiliency, and respect diversity.
Chelsea, near the AC trains
Digital Ready School




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