Soundview / Hunts Point

New School, Tech-savvy

Bronx Compass is for creative kids who like art, science and technology and want a say in how and what they will learn. Students create films, songs, and a digital magazine for a student-run company called Dragon Entertainment.

Opened in 2012, Bronx Compass allows students to explore different themes. The themes are digital/fine art, game design, music production, technology and engineering. By 11th grade they will focus on just one. Each student does an internship, takes classes related to the theme and completes a master’s project. All students have access to a laptop computer.

Themes are taught during the school day, in after school workshops and incorporated into academic lessons. Students might write songs and make short films in humanities or use graphic design in math and science. The goal, founding Principal Stacy McCoy told us at a March 2012 high school fair, is “to engage students in all their coursework by leveraging their interests.”

Soundview / Hunts Point. 6 Train, Bx5 bus




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