120 W 30th St, Manhattan, NY 10001

Midtown (West), Koreatown

project-based learning, alternative high school

Satellite Academy is an alternative school for students who need a smaller school and more attention than most high schools provide. It is one of four Satellite schools, each with its own principal and site. All are members of the Center for Collaborative Education and the New York City Performance Standards Consortium, which is pressing for relief from Regents test requirements for high school graduation. The group would like to see multiple forms of assessment, including essays and oral exams, instead of the Regents tests. Students are only required to take the English Regents exam, not the other Regents.

Satellite Academy is located in nicely renovated floors of an old office building in midtown. The school lacks a library and gym, but does have a multi-purpose community room. It shares a video library with Educational Video Center, which maintains an onsite office.

Students are older (the average age is 17) and seem serious and focused, having found a nurturing yet rigorous school after a number of false starts. Students and faculty are on a first name basis. The atmosphere is calm; very little in the way of conflict was visible when we visited.

Classes are un-graded, 90 minutes long, and interdisciplinary. An advisor helps kids develop a program to complete the 40 credits required for graduation. Each semester is divided into two cycles, so students can get partial credit even if they do not complete the whole course. Students have the most catching-up to do in math and science, according to the principal.

Midtown, 1, N, R, B, Q, D
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