131 Livingston Street, Room 210 Brooklyn, NY 11201

Downtown Brooklyn

Digital Ready HQ

Digital Ready extends the learning environment beyond the classroom. Expanded Learning Opportunities (ELOs) are reshaping when, where, and how student learning occurs. A well-designed and implemented ELO program can complement and enrich in-school learning and support academic growth by combining various ways for students to engage in learning. Students learn better when their educational experiences feel relevant to their interests and dreams. ELOs are known to improve students’ academic performance, college and career preparations, social and emotional development, and overall health and wellness.

With Digital Ready’s explicit focus on student-centered learning, ELOs will play an important role in preparing students for continued education and careers. The DR team and our partners will help schools to provide students with a wide range of learning opportunities, while helping to build schools’ capacity for sustaining high-functioning collaborative partnerships.

Students will engage in activities such as hands-on projects and work, after-school programs, internships, service learning, and/or job shadowing. ELO partnerships can align student interests with academic work, personal goals, and college/career plans. Teachers will act as facilitators, managers, assessors, and guides as they support students’ specific learning activities. Partner organizations and teachers will collaborate to provide feedback and formative assessment as students make progress toward goals.

A variety of ELO experiences will enrich students’ academic work with substantive and relevant professional and personal learning, allowing them to embark on learning pathways with guidance from their teachers, mentors, and partner organization staff. 

Trains 2,3,4,5, A, C, F
For any questions about Digital Ready, please contact Rob at eamil rdirenzo@schools.nyc.gov or by calling 718-935-3177




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