248 Broadway, Lawrence, MA 01840


"shelters and transitional housing"

Homeless Outreach


The Project for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness (PATH) provides mental health assessment, treatment, advocacy, benefit assistance, DMH referrals, housing assistance and other support services to the adult homeless population. Outreach clinicians and shelter specialists provide services directly to homeless individuals residing in emergency shelters throughout Massachusetts.


Aggressive Street Outreach (ASO) serves the unsheltered homeless population. Provides street-based outreach to homeless individuals who live on the streets and rarely or never use shelters, offering tangible items such as food and blankets to build trust while engaging individuals to accept mental health services, benefit assistance, and housing support.

ASO also provides rental subsidies and on-site case management services to chronically homeless individuals who are in need of both housing and stabilization services at a rooming house in Lawrence.




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