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Global Kids Online Leadership Program
In a pilot project supported by the Hive Learning Network NYC and the New York Community Trust, students at the School for Human Rights in Brooklyn, the High School for Global Citizenship, and Long Island City High School created geo-locative games and helped GK educators experiment with and stretch the NYC Haunts curriculum in the Spring of 2014, in advance of a Fall roll out at several Global Kids schools. 

Students at School for Human Rights worked on a game called, Keep Wingate Safe, which takes place on the playground outside of their school. A few of them told the GK Alumni Assistant trainer, Tsara Carlie about why they made their game:


We want to let people know about the stories of gun violence in the past and show them some of the locations that the shootings took place. We are interested in gun violence because we don’t feel safe in our community and we want others to know what steps they should take to feel safe if they have the same problem. When people finish playing our game we do not want them to be sad, we want them to feel hopeful that they can do something about gun violence even if it’s just a little step they take. 


Student game-designers at SHRpresented their game to their peers, as well as high schoolers from Global Kids' program, their school's principal, and their social studies teacher.


Outside, students who had taken part in the design process guided other students to use the Taleblazer app on tablets and phones.




They also supported their principal!



Arianna said she was most proud of the playtest part of the process "because I got to show the game to my friends and teachers."

Participants from the School for Human Rights also showed off their location-based game at Emoti-Con. Special shout out to Payton (a 6th grader) and Keron (an 8th grader) from School for Human Rights who impressed the judges with their presentation. They placed in the top 5 and stood on stage in front of over 200 people to talk about their work! They took away badges for Point of View and Most Social Impact.
To play the game created at this site, download the TaleBlazer app and type in the following game code: gxtgfbs
To remix or copy this game, click on this link:
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