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transitional living for veterans

The Fellowship House, a residential substance abuse recovery support program, is located on the grounds of the State of Connecticut Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA), providing a variety of substance abuse services to eligible veterans who have chosen to be clean and sober and whose long-term desire is to reintegrate back into the community. It is designed to assist and support eligible veterans after successful completion of either day or inpatient rehabilitation programs.

The services provided are matched to a client's level of medical care, including full medical, psychosocial, psychological, and tertiary psychiatric follow-up. These levels of care are provided while a patient resides in our treatment facility, which is physically separate from the Domicile on grounds. The Fellowship House Program is closely interfaced with other service programs at the State Veterans Home of the Department of Veterans Affairs, whose programs primarily focus is on educational and vocational programs, employment counseling, and job placement assistance.

Available Services
The Fellowship House Recovery Support Program consists of six months of intensive treatment followed by up to twelve months of extended living providing continued support from the staff and the community. A referral resource network gives clients access to an expanded range of recovery and rehabilitative services. Comprehensive evaluation and assessment of rehabilitation needs, provide the backdrop for matching clients to an appropriate level of substance abuse options following this process. Following this process, individual treatment plans are developed with the patient and the treatment staff to maximize the possibility of meeting the veteran's long term goals.

Individual and group sessions are provided to clarify the recovery process, confront personal barriers to recovery, and to assist the veteran in generating momentum toward stable long-term abstinence from mind-altering substances. Extensive relapse prevention,12-step groups, rational-emotive therapy, grief support groups, and dual diagnosis support are some of the many areas covered within our Program. Group aftercare services are also provided to help in dealing with the many issues that arise as the veteran transitions into main-stream living.

The Fellowship House Program staff help guide clients along a clear pathway to recovery. Social work needs are provided through consultation with the Social Work Department of the State Veterans Home. Clients meet individually with a social worker.

All residents of the Veterans Home are eligible for treatment/supportive rehabilitation services. Admissions to the Fellowship House Recovery Support Program is coordinated through the admissions office procedures for the State Veterans Home in conjunction with the admission coordinator for the Fellowship House program. Veterans are eligible for services through the Department of Veterans Affairs after completing an application for admission to the State Veterans Home and a successful review by the admissions committee.




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