437 Willow Street Waterbury, CT 06710


transitional living for men and women with or without children

Residential/Transitional living facility provides housing and support services for homeless single women and men ages 18 through 65 who are in crisis or in recovery from alcohol and substance abuse.

Residents must be seeking employment or have a full-time or part-time job, or be enrolled in an educational program (college, GED, vocational school).

Services include job finding assistance, AA/NA meetings, anger management, relapse prevention groups, parenting education, sexual addiction counseling, and individual, family, group and spiritual counseling. Length of stay varies from three months to four years. Note: Will accept pregnant women and men or women with children under age 6.
Eligibility:Resident of Connecticut; out-of-state residents also welcome; homeless single women and men; pregnant women; men or women with children under age 6. Must be in crisis or experienced domestic violence, or in recovery from alcohol and substance abuse; must be clean and sober for a period of at least two weeks.
Fee:  Set intake fee: $120; Weekly rent: $110-130

Site hours: 24 hr/7 days




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