392 Prospect Street Bridgeport, CT 06604


Short-term intensive treatment for men and women

New Prospects is an intensive residential rehabilitation program which offers treatment for adult men and women who are experiencing difficulties with substance dependence and a concurrent psychiatric disorder. The program is categorized as a 3.7R level of care, and the typical length of stay is approximately 30 days. Included among the program’s specialized services are gender-specific treatment modalities, trauma treatment, and the integrated treatment of co-occurring psychiatric disorders.


A client-centered therapeutic atmosphere and an interdisciplinary team approach are central features of the program. The treatment team is composed of counselors, clinical supervisors, nurses, consulting psychiatrists, a medical director, and support staff. All clinical staff are credentialed in the treatment of co-occurring psychiatric disorders.


Priority access is provided for pregnant and postpartum women, and persons with infectious diseases.





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