187 South Canaan Road, Route 7, Canaan, CT 06018


extended care

Offers a continuum, including an 'extended care' program with a 90-day minimum stay.

This program focuses more deeply on fundamental constructive behaviors and healthy choices to ensure long-term sobriety and smooth functioning in social, family and vocational or educational contexts.

Extended care clients live together in a supervised sober house within walking distance of Mountainside’s 24/7 recovery care and support. During the day, they work part-time in various capacities at Mountainside affiliated facilities.  They are exposed to and interact with people in a real world setting, while still remaining in a safe and structured sober environment.  In the evenings, clients receive outpatient addiction treatment from Mountainside’s professional team of drug abuse and alcoholism rehabilitation specialists. 

Accepts a variety of insurance and credit cards.




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