62 Cornwall Road Kent, CT 06757


long-term program for women with chronic addiction

Trinity Glen Women’s Program is a long-term residential treatment facility for women who are suffering from chronic addiction. It is a structured, sober community living experience with an emphasis on helping clients to successfully transition into sober living after treatment.

The facility offers semi-private dormitory rooms housing 11 beds with spacious living quarters and treatment and meeting rooms.

  • Individual and group counseling
  • Recreation therapy to develop sober interests
  • Significant work therapy component of 20 to 30 hours per week to develop and enhance work skills and a sense of responsibility and self-esteem
  • Weekly community meetings
  • Optional AA meetings, nightly
  • Continuing care planning
Trinity Glen is targeted to the chronic alcoholic who has been unable to maintain sobriety despite multiple treatments including intensive programs, halfway houses, detoxification and shelters. This program is aimed at enhancing the client’s sense of responsibility to him or herself as well as stressing the importance of the client’s role in the community.

Accepts many insurance plans, cash, checks and most major credit cards. MCCA also participates in the Connecticut General Assistance Behavioral Health Program.




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