123-01 Roosevelt Ave, New York, NY 11368

Flushing, Queens

"Urban Heat Island" "Increased Temperature" "Built Environment"

The Urban Heat Island effect is a concept which states that in urban areas, heat is trapped by dark surfaces such as roads and parking lots, as well as concrete. This is important because if we were to increase lighter surfaces and grassy areas in urban settings, it would be possible to decrease the temperature difference between rural areas and urban areas, which would decrease the average temperature of an area overall.

The location I chose to demonstrate the concept of Urban Heat Island in New York City was Citi Field, the Mets home ballpark. I chose this location because stadiums are surrounded by parking lots, which absorb heat. This contributes to the Urban Heat Island effect because heat that is being absorbed by the asphalt parking lot heats up the area. This is why the city tends to be warmer than surrounding rural areas; the concrete and asphalt of a city holds heat while the grass and emptier space of a rural area reflects it.





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