Gowanus Canal Brooklyn NY

Red Hook

"Storm Surge" "Combined Sewer Overflow" "Pollution" "Built Environment"

Tyrell Roberts

Water Quality is determining the cleanliness of the waters, and identifying and investigating if there is pollution or other contaminants affecting the water. The significance of finding water quality is that having clean and plentiful water provides the foundation for prosperous communities. People rely on clean water for hygiene uses and for drinking. However, water is becoming unclean do to pollution from rainwater and melting snow that runs off streets and sidewalks into the sewer. Water contamination threatens the health of people because of the toxins that can be taken in. The Gowanus Canal is one example of bad water quality. It is one of the most contaminated water sites in the United States. Waste from sewer systems and pollution from trash and oil enter the Gowanus Canal and contaminate the waters.





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