Coney Island


weather climate "natural environment" "water quality" "storm surge"

The location I chose for weather was Coney Island. I chose Coney Island because this area was affected greatly by Hurricane Sandy, an extreme weather event that many people, including experts, say could have been affected by global climate change. It is also an example of how costal areas are becoming more and more vulnerable, and if the sea level rises it will only worsen these problems. 
Not only did areas like Coney Island get flooded and devastated, the subways were flooded in many areas, which is another thing that the MTA should be and is taking into consideration during the rebuilding process.

When rebuilding areas affected by extreme weather events such as Sandy in a coastal city such as New York, engineers and architects will have new factors to take into consideration due to the changing weather patterns and rising sea levels. Lives could be saved and inconviniences limited if construction is done carefully and thoughtfully in areas such as Coney Island in the event of another disaster. As the world changes, we're going to have to adapt with it while we try to limit our negative impact on the planet on which we live, especially in coastal areas where people are unmistakably most vulnerable.




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