"biodiversity" "London plane tree"


Biodiversity means a diversity of different organisms in the same ecosystem.  This can include a large scale world and even a small pond. Biodiversity can refer to different species of animals and subcategories of animals such as differentiations in genes. If we were to include even smaller organisms we would go to invertebrates and small bacteria living in the area.

Though New York may not have many big animals, plants still co-exist here with the humans and cement.  There is a balance in an ecosystem.  Things like predators, producers, and decomposers come in all forms and different types of each can help each other maintain balance. 

Sometimes a lack of biodiversity can be a potential problem.  This is a street long view of London Plane trees.  This is one of the most abundant types of street trees in NYC. They are also highly resistant to pollution. This represents a possible lack of biodiversity and can even show the down side to having too much of one the same organism. Something to think about is if a germ or disease plagued these trees that New York would lose almost half of its tree population.





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