boardwalk w, brooklyn, ny

Coney Island

"Coney Island" "Beach" "Pollution" "Water Quality" "Biodiversity"

Pollution in New York  There are multiple forms of contamination. From streams full of toxic chemicals to industrial processes, rivers overloaded with nutrients from farms, trash blowing away from landfills, city skies covered in smoke. Alot of New York, unfortunately, is polluted. The water, air, and our streets are covered in trash and other containments. Because NYC is surrounded by so much water, trash often washes up on our many beaches. One location is Coney Island Beach. Both the sand and water have huge amounts of pollution. Types of pollution you'll find at CIB:
  • Empty food containers
  • Glass bottles (broken and unbroken)
  • Used tissues, band aids, etc
  • Cigarette buds
  • And much more!!

TRASH EVERYWHERE! Not only does this make a place like the beach physically unappealing, but harmful to its visitors- people and the animals that may pass by. A child may step on a piece of glass and get hurt OR any birds may pick up a piece of trash mistaking it for food and harm itself.




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