89 Sherland Ave New Haven, CT - 06513

new haven

halfway house for women

The Women's Recovery Center accommodates 15 women in an environment of mutual respect and support for each resident’s path in recovery. Along with its regular sober living program (Sober Living Plus), it offers an Extra Care Program to provide additional structure, guidance, and support. These programs are managed by live-in staff consisting of a house manager, assistant house manager, and extra care manager, all of whom are in recovery.

The Women’s Recovery Center requires a commitment of three months, although it suggests a stay of six to twelve months to increase the likelihood of long-term recovery.

Residents are subject to random drug and alcohol screens, and must work, actively seek work, attend school, or volunteer.

Rates as of August 2012 (contact for current rates):
1. The rent is $150.00 per week or $650.00 per month.
2. The weekly rent includes room and utilities only.
3. An initial payment of $450.00 is required to move in, this will include the first week, second week and last week of rent. Prorated rent is $21.50 per day, for those entering any day other than Sunday.
4. Management requires two weeks notice when resident is leaving on good terms.
5. There will be no refunds due to relapse, theft of property by a resident or physical force against another person living in the house.
6. Failure to follow any house rules may result in immediate termination of residency, and there will be no refund of rent paid.
7. The rent is due by Saturday each week, for the period of Sunday through the following Saturday.
8. There will be a $25.00 charge for any checks returned for insufficient funds and the individual will no longer be allowed to submit personal checks.




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