279 Blake St, New Haven, CT

new haven

long-term recovery homes for women

Oxford House - Moon Park and Rock Park

(Moon Park is located at 262 Crescent St, New Haven, CT)
There are several Oxford House residences in Connecituct, two of which serve women. Houses have been 8 and 12 residents.

Residents stay for an average of a year, but can stay for up to several years if they abide by rules and wish to remain.

Oxford Houses are democratically self-run by the residents, who elect officers to serve for terms of six months.

Any recovering alcoholic or drug addict can apply to get into any Oxford House by filling out an application and being interviewed by the existing members of the house. The application is then considered by the membership of the house and if there is a vacancy, and if 80% of the members approve, the applicant is accepted and moves in. If an applicant does not get voted into one house he or she should try another house in the area.




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