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Housing Plus Services

My People Clinical Services 
This is a multi-service agency with two housing programs for youth: Supportive Apartments for Youth in Transition, and Community Housing Assistance Program (CHAP).  Both programs are state-funded. 
Supportive Apartments are for youth transitioning from placements in prison, out of state and local residential programs, or foster care disruption; or who are CHAP-eligible youth who require additional support (includes youth re-entering DCF, transitioning to DHMAS or with a history of unsuccessful placements). The level of services varies depending on young men's needs and may include 24-hour one-on-one support. Staff are on-site 24/7, and provide case management, life skills education, educational and vocational support.

CHAP is a semi-supervised, housing component for youth ready for less supervision and more independence. The goal of this program is to increase competence, self-reliance, and self sufficiency as youth transition into the least restricted out of home placement within the agency.

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