446-A Blake Street, Suite #100 New Haven, CT 06511

New Haven


Provides one-to-one mentoring for DCF youth 14-23 and older residing in foster care, shelter, safe homes and residential programs.

Also provides life skills education for DCF youth, and employment training. See below:

Youth Community Development Programs

The YCDP consist of 3 fundamental services: Community Life Skills, Youth Work and Young Leadership. They all focus on providing educational and career advancement, independent living and life skills training to youths and families ranging from 14-21 years old. The service population is at-risk youth and young adults known to the justice system and we serve the entire New Haven county. We provide training and support service in work and study skills, on-site job experience/community service opportunities, housing and money management and educational support. The purpose of this program is to increase prosocial skills, educational advancement and independent living skills.





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