1315 Main Street, Suite 2 Willimantic, CT 06226


Housing Plus Services

Access Community Action Agency
This is a federally designated Community Action Agency with two housing programs for youth: Crossroads House, and Hawkins House.   

Crossroads House is a Supportive Work Education and Transition Program (S.W.E.T.P.) with 8 beds for males and females, located in Norwich, CT. Community-based apartments for transitional living have 24 hour staff on-site and accept DCF referrals for youth ages 16-20. Educational and vocational support, life skills education, recreational activities and cultural events address young people's ability to function positively in the community. 

Hawkins House is a Preparing Adolescents for Self Sufficiency (P.A.S.S.) -level group home for girls ages 14-20 referred by DCF. This program offers more intensive services to ensure young women's safety with 24-hour staff who assist them in reaching educational, vocational, therapeutic and positive youth development goals. 




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