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Housing Plus Services

United Services, Inc. is a comprehensive behavioral health center providing mental and behavioral health education, prevention, treatment and social services to the children, adults, families and communities of Northeastern Connecticut. Young Adult Services programming includes a drop-in center, respite, case management and supportive housing for young people ages 18-25. Also listed by 2-1-1 as operating a Community Housing Assistance Program (CHAP) for youth; however information was not available for this program on the agency's website. 

Young Adult Services include scattered-site transitional housing, a respite bed at one location, and support services for youth living on their own. Participation is by formal referral only, and all referrals must be reviewed by DMHAS before placement. Generally, the program is open to young adults with both a diagnosed mental illness and a history of involvement with DCF.  But clients may also be referred by family members, mental health agencies, schools or other providers. 

CHAP provides supervised residence for youth who are making the transition to self-sufficiency. Participants must have graduated from high school, be enrolled in an educational program and maintain a part-time job in order to stay in the CHAP program. Participants must be 17 years old or older, and be referred by DCF. 

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