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Housing Plus Services

Marrakech, Inc.
This is a multi-service behavioral health organization with two transitional living programs for youth, and a Community Housing Assistance Program (CHAP). 
Gilbert Street (a YAS funded for youth primarily referred by DCF who have major mental illness or trauma) provides transitional living services to 10 young adults for up to 24 months, and is intended to build independent living skills that enable youth to move to increased independence within 12 to 18 months. There are four apartments and residents are assigned to gender specific units. While there is 24/7 onsite staff, the staffing pattern is built upon the premise that the residents can be alone in apartments, perform basic activities of daily living on their own, may access the community without supervision, and have the ability to administer their medications independently. Referrals through DMHAS.

Sherman Avenue (a YAS funded for youth primarily referred by DCF who have major mental illness or trauma) supported apartments are designed for individuals with more intense support and supervision needs. This three-story house with five bedrooms has 24/7 staff at all times in the house. Sherman Avenue also has the capacity to provide respite services to one person at a time. Respite referrals are routed through Connecticut Mental Health Center and DMHAS. Residents at Sherman Avenue focus on achieving increased independence, symptom management, employment and education, and integrated community life. Stays may extend beyond two years. Referrals through DMHAS.

CHAP is a state-funded program that assists youth 17 and over in DCF care with the transition to independent living. Young people ages 17-21 in DCF care (and youth ages 22-23 who are still in school) are provided case management, supportive services and placement in scattered site apartments in local neighborhoods. 

Marrakech also offers Supported Living and Independent Living services to individuals (over 18) with disabilities. Services may include skill building, home visits and rental assistance. 

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