1315 Main Street, Willimantic, CT 06226


life skills

Community-Based Life Skills serves youths aged 15 and older in the care of the Connecticut DCF. All youth attending CBLS live in foster homes in the Willimantic and Norwich area. Participants are adolescents facing the transition into adulthood and independence and who are in need of building skills to enable them to live independently.

Access offers three CBLS sessions each year — one session in Willimantic and two in Norwich. Participants receive a monthly stipend while attending the group sessions. Each participant receives a certificate of completion and a cash stipend upon successful completion of the course. These monetary incentives are intended to acknowledge the intensive time commitment required for the program.

Topics covered:

-nutrition and food management
-money management and banking 
-being an educated consumer
-renting an apartment  
-understanding a lease
-improving academic achievement  
-educational planning and guidance 
-career and vocational guidance 
-job application and resume writing  
-job interviewing skills

Upon completion of group/classroom curriculum, youth transition into a one-on-one phase working closely with the life skills educator to ensure all areas identified in the assessment phase are completed. They meet weekly for six months to concentrate on the identified areas of each youth. Following completion of the one-on-one time, youth graduate from the program and participate in a celebration reception.




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