8 Church St., Torrington, CT


life skills

Has a variety of services for youth, including two programs (mentoring and life skills) specifically for DCF youth. Also has a JRB.

Community Based Life Skills Program 

This program incorporates classroom instruction, hands on activities within the community, and individual counseling to teach needed life skills. The curriculum incorporates basic education skills, daily living skills, socialization, self-awareness, and pre-employment skills. This service is the only resource in the area that addresses the unique issues youth in foster care face as they transition into indepenance.  

One on One Mentoring Program 

The One on One Mentoring Program links an adult volunteer with a youth in DCF care to provide a consistent, positive adult role model and support. The adult mentor is screened, trained, and matched with a youth referred to the program. Please visit the "How to Help" page to learn more about being a volunteer mentor!




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