105 Spring Street, Hartford, CT 06105


"life skills - girls"

The Community Life Skills for Girls program provides a safe, caring environment where young women can build self-confidence and improved judgment through a variety of groups and classes.

The program helps build resiliency in girls ages 11-19 from the Greater Hartford region, so that they can deal effectively with stressful situations and chronic adversity. Through participation in the program, the girls develop tools to become self-sufficient, set and achieve personal goals, and gain control over their motivation, behavior and social environment.

Each girl completes an assessment to measure her strengths in a variety of areas including interpersonal skills, involvement with family, school functioning, and career goals. She works with the program facilitator and a case manager to set clear goals and identify the supports needed to achieve those goals. This collaborative plan serves as a personal roadmap for the steps necessary for the girls to achieve success.

The program provides a variety of activities where young women can learn more about themselves, each other and the community. Activities include empowerment and self-discovery classes, body image workshops, dance classes, and job readiness workshops.

Girls are also screened for trauma, and clinical services are available to girls and their families if needed.

This free program is open to girls ages 11-19 in the Greater Hartford area. Transportation can be arranged for Hartford residents.

For more information, contact:
Leslie McCarter
860-236-4511 x3794




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