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youth development

Our Piece of the Pie

Our Piece of the Pie works intensively with urban youth on education and vocational skills.
OPP works with at-risk or disadvantaged youth, ages 14-24, on achieving a college degree or vocational credentials and/or obtaining rewarding post-education employment. It has three programs:

Pathways to Success in the Community
  • Every youth is matched with a youth development specialist.
  • Youth development specialists assess youth status and needs, and work with each youth to determine a pathway to a long-term educational and/or employment outcome.
  • All youth participants have access to educational, training/employment, and support services.
  • Each youth engages in a unique mix of programming based on their needs and goals.
  • OPP actively engages its referral partners to help youth overcome barriers not directly addressed by OPP programming.

Pathways to Success in High Schools

Pathways in Community Colleges





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