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Housing Plus Services, Health, Adult Ed/GED

Central Connecticut Coast YMCA is a multi-service community organization that offers educational, self improvement, physical fitness, and recreational activities. Services for children and youth include child care centers, summer camp, youth development programs, a Teen Fathers Program in Bridgeport, and a Job Center for youth in New Haven. The YMCA also administers housing programs in Bridgeport and New Haven, and emergency shelters in Bridgeport through the Families in Transition Program.  
The Ralphola Taylor Community Center, a YMCA site, administers a family support center, and collaborates with Bridgeport Community Health Center to provide on site health care to community residents, and with Child Guidance Center of Greater Bridgeport to provide child guidance, mental health and substance abuse counseling, and social work for community residents. 
The Jean Wallace Residence is a three-story building including six apartments that provides transitional housing for families not ready to move into permanent affordable housing.  The Jean Wallace Residence is located on the East Side of Bridgeport.  Clients can live in this facility for up to two years. Alpha Community Services YMCA provides a part-time Case Manager who conducts home visits and assists the residents in establishing realistic goals that lead to self-sufficiency.

Note: This transitional housing is designed for families and does not specifically target unaccompanied youth; however it may act as a resource for older, parenting youth who are not ready for permanent housing programs. 
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