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Housing Plus Services, Psych or Complex Needs

The Children's Center of Hamden is a multi-service behavioral health organization that operates an intensive residential treatment facility and therapeutic group homes for youth in DCF care. TCCOH also provides substance abuse treatment, crisis stabilization and respite, and a step-down program for youth transitioning out of acute psychiatric care settings. 
CARE, the Crisis Stabilization program, provides brief out-of-home services for male and female youngsters whose psychiatric and/or high-risk behaviors have created significant crisis within the family such that the child may not be able remain with the family. Respite care is also provided to prevent such a crisis. Precipitating events creating the crisis may include serious family conflict, returns from runaways, domestic violence, sexual abuse, negligence and/or defiant and aggressive behavior. As the C.A.R.E.’s 8-bed living unit attempts to service youth for a maximum of 15 days, the adult caretakers must commit to being active participants in the development and implementation of their child’s individualized service plan.

The Residential Treatment program services 38 adolescent boys and girls experiencing significant emotional, behavioral and/or psychiatric difficulties requiring an intensive highly supervised out of home treatment setting, typically for 6 to 9 months. There are two 13-bed boys’ units and one 12-bed girls’ unit. Youth receive individualized treatment directed by a multidisciplinary treatment team which includes the youth, the family, DCF and other stakeholders. Significant attention is focused on engaging family members via communication, family therapy, visits and program-wide family events. Clinical services include individual, family and group therapies as well as recreational services.

Kids Cottage, a Safe Home, is a temporary placement program in a homelike setting that provides direct care and treatment for boys and girls who, due to abuse, neglect, or other high-risk circumstances, are in the care and custody of DCF and cannot currently be cared for in a family setting. These children have often experienced multiple disruptions or a particularly traumatic removal from their family. They may have significant mental health and/or high-risk behavioral management needs. Kids Cottage provides interventions aimed towards stabilizing and assessing each child, improving social functioning and generating level of care recommendations.

The Gate House, a therapeutic group home, provides a homelike setting to adolescent boys with histories of sexualized behaviors primarily due to having been abused. The youth in this program often transitioned from programs that successfully addressed their problematic behaviors. The Gate House provides clinical services including individual, group and family therapy, case management, in a trauma informed environment. The treatment is aimed towards integrating youth into the community. Each youth spends significant time in the community: at school, work and/or recreational activities, putting to use the life skills that they have worked on. Families can visit youth in the home and participate in periodic family activities.

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