370 Linwood Street, New Britain, CT 06052

New Britain


Klingberg has 4 group homes, one of which is for medically fragile youth, the other for youth in need of educational and psychiatric support. The group homes allow adolescents who have previously received psychiatric services in residential, hospital or community settings to learn about living together in a family-like setting and become responsible adults who contribute to their communities. Individual, group and family therapy’s are offered to address personal and social issues, life skills management, healthy sexuality/relationships, and to encourage their ability to lead healthy, productive lives.

Klingberg serves:
  • Up to 20 adolescent males and females between the ages of 14–18 with an active IEP.
  • Children who have experienced severe trauma.
  • Adolescents coming from higher levels of care who have been identified as potential candidates to thrive in a smaller therapeutic setting
  • Teens who will eventually return to their family of origin and/or who may require other supportive environments beyond their stay at Klingberg.
The Department of Children and Families in conjunction with CTBHP makes referrals.




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