43 Saint Casimir Drive, Meriden, CT



Shelter NOW
Non-youth specialists.

Shelter NOW in Meriden offers multiple forms of emergency shelter on site. Managed by New Opportunities, this location provides refuge for three categories of homeless people: single men, single women and women with children.

Services are directed toward those who do not have safe shelter. The program is supported by the Connecticut Department of Social Services (DSS).

Different categories of residents occupy each floor in the building. There are 26 beds for single males, dormitory-style facilities for 12 single females and eight rooms for family units (mothers and children).

Innake hours: M-F: 4:30-7pm for single adults, no intake restrictions for women with children. Shelter is open M-Sun: 7pm-7:30am for single adults and 24 hr/7days a week for women with children.

*Shelter is not wheelchair accessible
*Shelter accepts pregnant women and they can stay after the baby is born
*Shelter accepts adults who are being detoxed.
*Shelter cannot accept men with children.

Program Fees: $7.00/day or 30% of income




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